Great Group!

Mobility (6 minutes):
Accessible Shoulder Opener Progression 1 & 2 (See videos Below)

Every Minute on the Minute for 12 minutes perform 2 Reps of:
3 Position Pause (Bottom of Knee, Take-Off Postion, High Hang) + Snatch from High Hang

2012 Regionals Event 2 (17 minute time cap):
Row 2,000 meters (Or Run 1600 meters)
50 One-legged squats, alternating
30 Hang Clean 225/135lb*

*Scale accordingly, find a weight that allows you to maintain proper form, that gives you a shot at beating the time cap, and that you can perform without using the dreaded “Star-fish Clean.”

Roseville Crossfit Veterans Day 2013

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