Good Times CrossFit Fall Fit Challenge

Workout of the day for Monday October 14th, 2013:

10 Minutes to work up to a heavy 5 rep Back Squat

For time:
15 Squat clean, 155/105 pounds
30 Toes to bar
30 Box jump, 24/20 inch box
15 Muscle-ups
30 Dumbbell Push press / push jerk, 40/30 pounds
30 Double-Unders
15 Thruster 135/95 pound s
30 Pull-Ups
30 Burpees
300 feet Walking lunge with 45/35lb plate held overhead

And Good Times were had by all! Congratulations to Roman A., Josh B., Jenn K., and Ashley A. for entering the arena this past Sunday, at the Jackson Sports Academy, to test their fitness as a team over 5 grueling workouts.

They ended up taking 2nd Place in the Intermediate division! But more importantly they trained hard for the competition, met together to strategize workout plans and test transitions; they used their food as fuel for their workouts and slept adequately to allow the body to heal and grow stronger. The result of all their efforts over the many months previous to the competition paid off by allowing them to work hard and fast, set new PR’s and create memories as a team.

Thanks to the many spectator’s from CrossFit Roseville who came out and had a blast cheering and coaching and helping in a cornucopia of ways.

Post to Comments: What inspired you about the weekend

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