Goals Require Sacrifice

**Good luck to Roman, Jacob, Sara, and Jen K. They are headed down to compete as a team in the 2013 Moxie Madness.**


Workout of the Day for Saturday 31, 2013

In teams of 2/3/4
2 rounds of:
200 Double-unders
50 Overhead Squats (135, 95#)
50 Pull-ups
1 Mile Run

Complete in order with only one athlete working at a time. Credit for total run distance given to each athlete ( 2 athletes x 800 meters = 1 mile, 3 athletes x 460 meters = 1 mile, 4 athletes x 260 meters = 1 mile). Don’t start round 2 until entire team returns from run.

Goals Require Sacrifice

To reach that goal you really really want, you are probably going to have to give up some things. Time, energy, study, practice, sweat, blood, even tears. If you want to make it to regionals you aren’t going to be able to go the bar (or the couch) every night. And you aren’t going to be able to eat ice cream every day.

Unfortunately, reaching your BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) does not come down to how bad you want it. It comes down to how much you are willing to work for it and sacrifice for it.

Your goal may not be going to regionals, it may be the ability to hike to the top of half dome with your grandkids. Either way, the principle is the same – sacrifice is required. But wether your goal is going to regionals in 2014 or hiking to Half Dome with your grandkids these two goals have something in common. The sense of accomplishment you will feel when your reach each goal is profound and worth it!

Are you willing to give up the ‘easy way’ and embrace the ‘hard routine’ in order to reach your goal(s)?

What does real dedication to your goal(s) look like?

It may require things like extra strength training, private skill sessions with a coach, nutrition coaching, daily mobility, watching coaching videos, practicing/perfecting technique, skipping cheat meals and alcohol, eliminating your weaknesses, etc…

It isn’t complicated, it comes down to work. Are you willing to work as hard as it takes to reach your goal?

Yes, sacrifice and work is painful. But understand “pain is weakness leaving the body” and sacrifice can be fuel you use. When you deny yourself something easy you can use that energy towards achieving your goal. Sacrifice then becomes fuel to reach your goal. The more you sacrifice the closer to your goal you get.

So be careful in choosing your goals. You wouldn’t want to burn sacrifices on the altar of achievement if it’s offerings to a bunk goal. Like the parable about climbing the ladder to success and finding out too late the ladder is leaning on the wrong wall.

But when your goal is righteous, keep in mind how good it will be to achieve it, and that can make sacrifices easier to make.

Weigh the cost of your goal. Ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price. Dare yourself to do it.

Pain is temporary; accomplishment is for ever.

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