Until We Meet Again, Landon Family

Workout of the day for Thursday 08/30/12

Skill: Turkish Get Up

Endurance: 4 Rounds: 400m run, Rest your run time.

Durability: Accumulate 10:00 of plank

Upcoming Events:

• Today! Paleo Potluck to wish the Landon’s much success in their future home & to buoy up our moxie competitors before the big weekend.

• Sat-Sun Moxie Madness Throwdown! Purchase tickets here.

• Sept. 3rd Labor Day we will have one class at 9am!

Until We Meet Again, Landon Family

Jason and Denise (and their kids) Landon are moving. They have been a great part of our community and I wish I was there in person to see you off in proper CrossFit Roseville fashion, but I am exploring castles in Germany.

Jason is an absolute beast. He has had the top spot on many, many CrossFit Roseville wods. He looked forward to each workout even when it was a workout that would be challenging for him to due to injury or movement limitations he would still go for it and smile while he was doing it. He’s is a fierce competitor that embodies the CrossFit spirit of camaraderie and positivity. And have you seen him run a sprint-tri? Absolutely destroys those!! I look forward to running another wod with you soon!

Denise, I remember so clearly when a 95# power clean kicked your butt and no matter how many times you tried to get it it just wasn’t going up. You were so pumped up about getting even with the 95 pound bar! It wasn’t that long after that and you were doing 95 pound cleans in a workout. That was so cool!

You guys have a beautiful family and I hope you will come visit us often when you are back in our area!!

PS. Did you know Jason used to be on American Gladiator? Below is a clip of the last interview he ever did as an ‘American Gladiator’.


Until We Meet Again, Landon Family

Until We Meet Again, Landon Family

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGDwScgb_Y0&w=480&h=360]

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  1. How long did it take Malibu to maintain that hair? This is totally awesome! The video is classic but something very cool to have been apart of!! Best wishes to you and your family!

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