Finish Feb Challenge and Energy Pathways

Workout of the Day for Monday Feb 25, 2012

4 tests so you can get your Feb Challenge Bonus Points
1) Max Reps Unbroken Wallballs
2) Max Reps Unbroken Double Unders
3) Max Reps Unbroken Pull-ups
4) Max Reps Unbroken Dips

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Push jerk, 155/105 pounds
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
7 Burpees

Total up your points so far for the Feb challenge and update the board please. So far, thru Sunday the 24th, including 20 available bonus challenge points there is a total of 98 points.

At the end of Feb 28, there will be a total of 114 points available. Kevin G made the table below.



A Quick Primer on Energy Pathways


When you use your muscle fibers to do work, adenosine TRIphosphate (ATP) is the ‘energy’ molecule used to fire the muscle fiber. When this molecule splits, yeah it’s kind of like an atomic bomb in your body, it becomes adenosine DIphospate (ADP) and a left over phosphagen.

When you are working your butt off during a workout, you are using ATP to get those muscles moving. But before you can use ATP, you have to make it and you only get three ways to make it. Two of those ways are real quick (anaerobic) giving you a quick blast of ATP cells available for use, the other way doesn’t give you as much pop but it can keep you going longer (aerobic).


1) Creatine Phosphate System – Standing by in your muscle tissues with high-octane energy ready for action, is a whopping 10 seconds +/- of ATP producing creatine phosphate. Bust out a one rep max or a quick set of three and your taking advantage of the CP delivery system for your ATP.

2) Glycolysis – Once you’ve used up your CP, it’s time to use all those carb’s you’ve been storing in your muscles. Glycolysis is the mechanism of those stored carb’s being turned into ATP. It’s not efficient as the CP system, so it doesn’t carry as much hoorah but it’s still better than the aerobic system as far as performance is concerned. However, there is a catch, lactic acid. Lactic acid hurts, it burns, it can screw your stuff up. Do you know what it tastes like? I do, you just haven’t lived until you’ve worked out so hard that you can taste the lactic acid. Can you say, “pukie”?


1) Aerobic Metabolism – Now you’ve done it. You’ve used up your CP by doing 5 reps real fast, then pushed through the rounds one, two, and three of this monster 5 round workout using up all of your readily available glycolysis energy. But now you are out of muscle glucose and you still have a way to go. Time to switch to aerobic metabolism. The aerobic system is much less efficient than the anaerobic systems. Your cells are now going to ‘breathe’ using oxygen to convert carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your body into ATP. Your ability to do this efficiently can be measured, its called VO2 max. Your VO2 max is your measurable ability to take oxygen, distribute it to your cells, and make ATP with it.

To be a well-rounded athlete with a highly developed level of General Physical Preparedness, it is necessary to train all 3 energy pathways.

Please post to comments: 1) Did you know this? 2) Any questions?  and 3) Have you ever puked or tasted lactic acid from a workout?

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  1. Excellent primer on Energy Pathways!

    I did not know there are three pathways. I know my V02 max has been lacking of late and was hoping the intensity of the anaerobic element of the WODs (high heart rate) would improve the aerobic element–It hasn’t been working. I guess I need to spend more time specifically in the aerobic zone–more and longer metcons, rows, and runs for me–if I want to be a well-rounded athlete!

    1. VO2 max varies with individuals, some have more of a capacity than others for change. It is not longer workouts, but shorter and more intense that is more likely to have an affect on your VO max.

      1. Thank you for the feedback Tim. I agree totally. There needs to be an element of intensity. I was thinking along the lines of adding an occasional 5k run or row at or near my maximum O2 uptake; maybe add some speedwork (intervals) with volume; or, a trail run here and there. It’s worked for me in the past.

  2. Isn’t the puking from a build up of c02, rapid breathing that does not allow for the total exhale of c02 and maximum inhale of 02?

  3. ” … the chemoreceptor trigger zone. This “zone” is located in your brainstem and gets activated whenever an abnormal systemic, whole-body event is happening, like hypoxia, diabetic ketoacidosis, uremia, vomit-inducing drugs, AND IN THIS CASE, lactic acidosis.

    The decrease in pH caused by lactic acid buildup gets sensed by your chemoreceptor trigger zone, which tells the vomiting center in your reticular formation that should be nauseous and possibly vomit. ”

    lactic acid doesn’t really build up in your blood, it builds up in your tissues.

    vomiting or dry heaves tends to be a fight or flight response to the stress your body is going under.

  4. 23 Points available week 1
    26 Points available week 2
    26 Points available week 3
    3 Points on Sunday since we didnt have a WOD, but there are 5 days in the week, so if you got a WOD in then you could get 4 points on Sunday
    20 Bonus Points
    98/99 Available so far

  5. I am pretty sure I went straight to level 3 or deftcon 5 this morning. Man, that was miserable especially after Saturdays 150+ snatches!! It was a good one to look back and say I did but that’s not what I was saying during the WOD..but then again it was probably hard to understand anything through all the crying..

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