Drink Your Greens

Workout of the day for thursday 05/08/14:

8 minute EMOM:
3 snatch balance & 2-4 Strict Toes-2-Bar
Alt: 10-20 second Ring Dip Support & 3-6 V-Up

Workout of the day (WOD):
10 Minutes to Practice:
Hang Squat Snatch

10 Minutes to Practice”

10 Minutes to Practice:
Split Jerk

Drink Your Greens

Drink Your GreensAndrew 

I’ve never been one to eat or drink a particular food just because it’s good for you. So for years I’ve been rolling my eyes whenever anyone starts talking about green smoothies or green drinks. I love greens, but not in my morning smoothie.

I’m not sure what came over me, but last week I decided I’d open up to green smoothies. I still had no desire to drink one for breakfast, but mid-morning, after my swim, I began to experiment. I think I just needed a kitchen challenge, so every day I concocted a different green smoothie, one that I could really enjoy.

All but one of my smoothies were sweet, with at least one type of fruit and a quarter- to a half-cup of greens. I used a variety of fruits, and found that many required a banana for optimum flavor and texture — pears and blueberries alone weren’t enough. But a banana wasn’t necessary for the pineapple smoothies I made. Another ingredient that gave my smoothies a great finish was fresh ginger. Adding a quarter-size slice made these drinks sing.

The drinks are loaded with phytonutrients, and they’re filling. They are definitely meals in a glass. When I was testing the recipes I enjoyed every sip and felt very energetic for hours afterward. So, no more rolling my eyes: I’m a green smoothie convert.

Pineapple-Basil Smoothie

Pineapple-Basil Smoothie: This may sound strange, but pineapple marries well with peppery basil.

Pear Smoothie With Spinach, Celery and Ginger

Pear Smoothie With Spinach, Celery and Ginger: Ginger adds zest and banana contributes substance to this kefir- or yogurt-based drink.

Blueberry Kefir Smoothie With Greens

Blueberry Kefir Smoothie With Greens: A green drink, rich in anthocyanins, that doesn’t look green, thanks to blueberries.

Green Smoothie With Pineapple, Arugula, Greens and Cashews

Green Smoothie With Pineapple, Arugula, Greens and Cashews: The pineapple stands up well to the arugula and greens, and ginger pumps up the flavor.

Green Smoothie With Cucumber and Cumin

Green Smoothie With Cucumber and Cumin: This savory smoothie resembles an Indian lassi with added spice.

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