Don’t Skip Large Loads and Big Volume Days

Workout of the Day for Tuesday Feb 17, 2014

For time:
50 L-Pull-ups
50 Squat clean, 115/75 pound
50 L-Pull-ups

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Greg Glassman on the Open: Part 1 – [video]

Brian Nabeta’s 11-13 year-old team practice at Arden Hills Swimming – video [mov]

Don’t Skip Large Loads and Big Volume Days
~Justin A.

One of the overlooked factors in maximizing a testosterone response to a workout is the ‘absolute workload’. Dr. Amy Tanner at UK’s University of Hertfordshire is focusing on studying this hormonal response to exercise.

What this means is this: 50 reps at 135# = 6,750 pounds moved. Compare this to 50 reps at 95# = 4,750 pounds moved. When it comes to getting strong – you have to increase the workload – the total pounds moved in a session.

Don’t shy away from large volume, large load workouts – they are an important part of your development.

This could even work comparing running to jogging. Running will promote a higher testosterone response than jogging for the same amount of time because you’ll cover more ground at a higher intensity when you run.

In the weight room, high volume, moderate to high intensity and short rest intervals elicit a significantly higher increase in testosterone than low volume, high intensity,  with long rest periods.

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