Do you know the Founder?

Holiday Schedule:
Monday December 31, Open Gym 8-10 AM
Tuesday January 1, Closed

Workout of the Day for Monday December 31, 2012

Run 1 mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 mile
Partition pull-ups, push-ups, and squats as needed. If you have a 20lb weight vest, wear it.

Glassman denotes some things that makes CrossFit different:
• Applying fundamental principles of Newtonian mechanics to human movements.
• A social phenomenon—a community of people who enjoy each others company.
• A different business model: the business model does not depend on the majority of members paying for a gym pass and never getting fit.
• Virtuosity: performing the common, uncommonly well
• Elegance: simplicity and effectiveness
• Affiliate model provides doses of “CV.FM.HI” (Constantly Varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity) in a communal environment, delivering health, to make people better.

When Asked, “What is HQ’s Agenda?”

Glassman Replied: “Health and Wealth. And I have a formula for it that is proven. It is hard to believe that is all we want, isn’t it?—Just to make the world a better place.”

Did you know that Glassman is putting CrossFit in Trust?

“Health and wellness is so precious that no one should own it. It is [HQ’s] covenant to protect this model… And when we finish with this acquisition of this company, I’m going to put it in trust. I’m going to get it out of everyone’s reach, forever. It’s too important, it’s too important.”

“Is it the ambition of your life to accumulate great wealth and thus to acquire a great name, and along with it happiness and satisfaction?  Then remember that whether these will come to you will depend entirely upon the use and disposition you make of your wealth. If you regard it as a private trust to be used for the highest good of mankind, then well and good, these will come to you. If your object, however, is to pile it up, to hoard it, then neither will come; and you will find it a life as unsatisfactory as one can live.

There is, there can be, no greatness in things, in material things, of themselves. The greatness is determined entirely by the use and disposition made of them. The greatest greatness and the only true greatness in the world is unselfish love and service and self-devotion to one’s fellow-men.” -Ralph Waldo Trine

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