CrossFit Radio Interview with Marnell King

Workout of the Day for Wednesday October 23, 2012

Rope Climb

Row 500 meters
40 Pull-ups
40 double unders
40 Kettlebell Swing (53/35 lbs)
40 Dumbbell/Kettlebell Box Step-Up (53/35 lbs)
Run 400 meters

CrossFit Radio Interview with Marnell King

Do you listen to podcasts on iTunes? If so, check out CrossFit Radio. Have you ever thought about what it takes to get to the CrossFit Games?

The interview with 2012 CrossFit Games Masters Champion Marnell King, Episode 246, published on 10/17/12 is pretty good. Download as an MP3 here.

In 2009, she couldn’t do an overhead squat with a pvc pipe. In 2012, she made her first appearance in the CrossFit Games. She won 3 out of 7 works, she never placed lower than 4th on any workout. She is the female 55-59 Masters Champion.

Marnell talks in the interview about several things:

– Focus on the things you are not good at.

– She does overhead squats with a barbell every day in her warm-up.

– She does double unders every day in her warm-up.

– To excel in CrossFit for competition, you have to be 100% dedicated.

– Sometimes skipping vacations in order to train.

– Sometimes skipping dinners with friends in order to train.

– Not becoming one-dimensional (only CrossFit and nothing else in your life.)

– 2 hrs of training a day, 5 days a week. (Her warm-up takes her 45 minutes)

– For 6 months a year, she will do double workouts twice a week.

– Biking made her very immobile.

– She won the games 1 year after shoulder surgery. While her shoulder was healing, she continued to train lower body and everything she could.

– You have to do things correctly, with form. Do it right or you will get injured.

– She sees a physical therapist/massage therapist up to 2 times a week.

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