Workout of the day for Saturday October 18th, 2013:
In Teams of two complete:
Run 800 meters
12 Clean & Jerk 185/135lb
Run 600 meters
24 Clean & Jerk 165/115lb
Run 400 meters
36 Clean & Jerk 135/95lb

Hope you had a fun night ladies! We have this workout waiting for you!!



When Tali dropped in to visit CrossFit Roseville after her month in Europe she described to me how awesome it was to be able to drop into CrossFit Gyms all over Europe. Tali described being coached by a great Austrian weight lifter (who sounded just like Arnold) and running into Kelly Starett in France, and all in all how awesome it is to have such friendly places to drop into that are just like CrossFit Gyms back at home.

This got me thinking: A) How awesome is CrossFit that it can transcend all nations?—Building relationships world wide with the same community feel that we have here at CrossFit Roseville. B) How easy it is to see that we have more in common with others than we realize, and how we can use these commonalities to establish and grow relationships.

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