“Committed” Club

Workout of the Day for Monday Nov 4, 2013


Five rounds for time of:
12 Deadlift, 155/105 pound
9 Hang power clean, 155/105 pound
6 Push jerk, 155/105 pound


com·mit verb kə-ˈmit
-to do,  to decide, to say that someone will definitely do something

Introducing the CrossFit Roseville Committed Club

If you attend 15 or more wods at CrossFit Roseville for the month of November, you will be considered a member of November’s Committed Club. Make the Committed Club 3 months in a row and you are eligible for a special item commemorating your achievement.

Your registration for classes is required and 15 wods means 15 wods. 14 will not get it. 20 in November and 10 in december doesn’t count either. The holidays can be a tough time to stay committed, but to reach your goals and the reap the benefits of your hard work, consistency is the key!

If you are ready to accept the challenge, write your name on the white board by the barbells. At the end of November, the board will be updated. Those with 15 wods will get a mark. We will repeat the process and when you get 3 marks in a row, you can get the item.

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