Client Story: Jim Brown

Client Story: Jim Brown

Client Story: Jim Brown

Why did you join CrossFit Roseville?
I joined Crossfit Roseville out of curiosity. I had heard a little about crossfit and was bored at Crunch and was interested in a class environment that was a challenge.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?
So far I’ve done a bar muscle up (4 in a row) and 50 unbroken dubs (this morning). Bigger than that is I’ve yet to be bored in crossfit.

What are you working on now?
I am working on the barbell movements and lack of shoulder flexibility.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Roseville memory?
Favorite memory, probably the class after the 12 WODs of Christmas when Curtis brought up needing to work on OH squats. Not directed at me but knew who he was talking to. Jeff and I were in that sweat session class and motivated us both to start regular classes. Both pretty bad, but funny.

What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Roseville?
Motivation is pretty easy now because I have so much to work on. It’s just on my daily schedule. If anything I’d like to come more but work. I also have been scheduling rest days as I think I need it to recover.

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