Client Story: Anna Smith

Client Story: Anna Smith

Client Story: Anna Smith

Why did you join CrossFit Roseville?
I was at a point in my health “journey” that I needed an atmosphere that would make me push myself to be as athletic as I could be. I have always been obese, but never was okay with it. I always wanted to be an athlete. When I joined CrossFit Roseville I had been working out for a few years. In those few years I realized that obesity did not have to be who I was and that I had two important tools: a choice and potential. I was missing two other very important tools: direction and the accountability of a community. CrossFit Roseville offered me the opportunity on working on a goal I thought was impossible, to be an athlete.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?
There have been so many over the last year it is honestly hard to choose. I think My biggest accomplishment in CrossFit may seems ridiculous to some, but it was running 2 miles for the first time in my life without stopping. Although running is hard physical for me, the biggest challenge was the mental battle. So yes, physically this was a huge accomplishment for me, but mentally it was a game changer because I was able to defeat the negative thoughts that got me to the unhealthy place I felt stuck in.

What are you working on now?
I would like to get my first rope climb by the end of this year and maintain consistency in my training schedule.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Roseville memory?
I did my first CrossFit competition last year (beginner of course). (This was a close runner up for my biggest accomplishment.) A fellow CrossFit “athlete” pushed me to sign up a week before. A few of the coaches and peers at CrossFit Roseville spent all the extra time they had during open Gym and even during class to help me feel confident in movements that would be in the competition. I knew before this that the support was there, but it really was made apparent during that week. The competition itself was really fun and pushed me to continue working on skills so I can hopefully compete in the future…in a non-beginner competition.

What motivates you to continue training at CrossFit Roseville?
Training consistently helps me balance my life in every way. If you are craving a positive change in your life this is the place to be. The growth you experience physically and mentally become essential in living a good life.

The coaches also make me continue to show up. I know CrossFit gets a bad reputation at times, but it is ultimately up to the coaches. CrossFit Roseville coaches maintain a balancing act of addressing individual needs, building confidence, and keeping your ego in check rather than you injuring yourself. This is a great gym for all people at all stages of their health journey.

The accountability factor is huge. I want to be clear that no one makes you feel guilty about missing a few classes, but that people get concerned when you disappear. The support and friendships you develop here are genuine. It is a lot easier showing up every day when everyone has a similar goal of health, in all aspects not just physical.

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