Carson City CrossFit New Kids in the Box Competition

 Workout of the Day for Tuesday June 25, 2013

I. Max Double Unders in 3 minutes.

II. Find 1 rep max bench press.

III. Row 2,000 meters for time.


Saturday I was reminded why Crossfit is one of the fastest growing sports and has such a loyal following among fans and competitors. I had the opportunity to get my feet wet in the Carson City Crossfit “New Kids in the Box” rookie challenge. I was supposed to join my fellow cross-fitters in the Hercules Challenge but I had to back away due to family issues.

I signed up to do the Carson City Challenge so that I would keep my motivation going strong towards both my fitness goals and doing the Tough Mudder.

“New Kids in the Box” was a true rookie challenge with lighter weights however it was bad ass in the WOD setups. WOD #1 was a 6 minute AMRAMP Wallball/Deadlift ladder. WOD#2 was a 7 minute AMRAMP starting with 30 burpee’s and max ground to overhead. WOD#3 had a 12 minute time limit. It started with a 150 meter sprint, then 50 meter walking lunges with a kettlebell, followed by 100 kettlebell swings and finally 50 kettlebell squats.

I was reminded what crossfit is really about because the actions of the people who were there at Carson City. Jen Lindstrom and her son drove up on Saturday morning just to coach me during the WODs. I can honestly say that without them there, I would not have done as well as I did. It was great to have “family” there cheering me on and getting in my face to finish well. While I was there, several of the other box’s saw that I was competing alone and when my cycle came up would come by and cheer me on. In the final WOD, I actually had the first and second place finishers in my face encouraging me to finish strong and beat the time limit. During my time there, it wasn’t so much a competition one against the other. But people were more competing against themselves and the majority of the competitors were there encouraging you to do your absolute best.

That’s what the attitude of crossfit is about. Its a group mentality of doing your best and encouraging others to be there best. However, I would suggest training a bit more in altitude because that killed me…

-Bill Hansen

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