Camille’s Muscle-Ups in Slow Mo

Workout of the Day for Wednesday Feb 13, 2013

Skill Work
Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance Demo with Whitney Pagnucco – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

For time:
15 Thruster, 135/95 pounds
Run 200 meters
20 Thruster, 95/65 pounds
Run 400 meters
30 Thruster, 65/45
Run 800 meters

Thruster Run Demo with CrossFit Dixie – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] [youtube=]

Focus is necessary during training – stay focused on your goals. Thinking about them every once in a while or giving your goals an occasional passing thought isn’t going to get you there. Sink your teeth into your goals. Commit to them. Visualize you reaching for them. Realize they matter. Keep them at the forefront of your mind. Know that everything you do in your training regimen is a reflection of how serious you are about attaining your goals. How you prepare for a wod, fuel your body, and warm-up shows this depth of dedication. How you approach every workout (from the prep, fuel, warm-up),  and how you execute every movement (every single rep of every single movement), is an expression of how committed to your goals you are. ~Justin

Do you want to ‘feel’ good or do you want to reach your goals?

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  1. I’m committed to my goals. I am so thankful to my 4 o’clock friends who keep me focused and motivated. I feel blessed to have such positivity around me! Maybe I’m lightweight sentimental knowing I’m about to move, AGAIN.. but Roseville Crossfit has totally aided in me being committed to my goals.

    As for feeling good, meh. I feel humbled. Every damn day I feel humble.

  2. Working on those goals… definitely seeing growth in some areas and others, well, maybe someday (ahem, pull ups and DU’s). It’s been neat too, seeing other members focusing in on new or challenging skills. Every single time I’m in the our box I see people cheering for each other, offering advice, commiserating, and being inspired!

  3. Setting goals is best because they are measureable. Ive met so many goals since i started working out at CFRV. i am currently working on double unders – goal is 20 unbroken, right now I’m up to 12.

    1. Good job, Alison! I’m working on my double unders too…working on getting 2 unbroken! It’s inspiring to hear others getting to their goals. I’ll keep working on them. Actually am happy that I can get any even if they are not unbroken yet.

  4. I want to reach my goals! But, i do realize that reaching my goals will make me feel good. i love coming in and seeing people work hard at getting better on various things. My current goal: fix my mobility issues in my right knee and get rid of that band on my pull ups!

    everyone at CFRV has been fantastic to me. i really appreciate you guys!

  5. I have too many goals to count, and it wasn’t until I started to focus on one at a time that I started to achieve them. It is true that focus is key to our accomplishments. I feel good but I feel even better when I do something I couldn’t do before. Patience is critical..but dedication to your goals will bring you success faster than you realize.

      1. Well, the Handstand holds are hopefully helping me get to the point where I can do HSPU’s. Once I can hold the handstand for 3 minutes, I will start trying HSPU’s. Started out only being able to hold it for 1 minute and I did 2 minutes yesterday. So I gained a minute just by working on it every day for less than 2 weeks. I am hoping this will help with my shoulder issues as well. Perhaps it will help me stabilize the bar overhead.

  6. Currently I am working on:
    1) Rehabbing my shoulder, bicep tendon issue. Today is the first day I went overhead with a barbell since the sactown throwdown!
    2) Nutrition, specifically eating clean (no sugar, processed foods, etc.) until after the open (around March 23rd).
    3) Backsquat, Still working my way up to a 400lb backsquat!

    I just completed one of my goals: 15 ft handstand walk. Gotta have some fun on the new gymnastic matts.

  7. Hmm goals…I love and hate them!!! I saw a big goal realized when we did the 75 HSPU- those handstand holds have made a HUGE difference! Thank you ladies!!! So now my goal is HSPU totally rx (no ab mat) and getting muscle ups consistent. Also gonna be working on ALL my overhead stuff 😉

  8. Took the day off today to rest. Last night began experience a sharp shoulder pain, seems to feel more inside my shoulder joint & different than what muscle fatigue usually feels like. Could this be a result of deadliest or pull ups gone wrong? Ideas? …Anyone….Bueller??

  9. Does watching 10+ mins of instruction videos count towards our goat work points?? Or just watching the slow mo muscle ups video above 5 times? She makes them look effortless. Muscle ups are down a few notches on the goal list but I like checking off achievements as they are accomplished!

  10. I am embarrassed to say that I truly have not set any goals for myself yet specifically with crossfit. I love my life surrounded by goals so this is hard for me to realize. Now recognizing it though I am excited to sit down and really spend some time thinking about what I want to do and where I wanna go from here.

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