Bring Sally Up

Workout of the day for Monday September 30th, 2013

“Bring Sally UP”
Down when it says down, up when it says up.
Level 4: 135/95lb
Level 3: 95/65lb
Level 2: 65/45lb
Level 1: 45/35lb (or air squats)

20 min AMRAP (for quality):
3 Muscle-Ups (or a progression for muscle-ups)
50 yard Farmers Carry 70/53 lb

Thanks to all of the volunteers and judges that helped to make Saturday a quality event. Thanks to the community at CrossFit Roseville who came to support the athletes and to make our box a friendly atmosphere where anyone can come and hit some PRs with a pat on their back. Thanks to the athletes: the “[Wo]man in the arena” who, by taking up the gauntlet, (many of whom were first time competitors) found new strengths previously unknown to them.

I am proud that we had top finishers in all 4 divisions! That our athletes fell and struggled and having fallen and having run into walls of mental exhaustion, I am proud that our athletes proved their tenacity to got back up, to push on, and to finish.

I would like the rest of you to post to comments today, to tell one story of what inspired you this weekend. To thank one person or many for their efforts in making this event possible. And if you competed this weekend to tell one personal victory. ~Jesse

Thank you CrossFit Roseville!

Thank you to the hard workers that made Saturday’s competition an outstanding success.

Lois spent the whole day checking athletes in, helping them feel welcome. She also saved me hours of work by inputting all the scores for all the athletes into Excel. Joey made the scoresheets. Amy helped prep some of our ladies.

The judges are the real heroes! It is hard work. Joey, Brock, Roman, Blair, Chris, Kathleen, Nate, Jennifer L., and Dan P.

There were many other CFRV’s helping to switch out Rx’d with Scaled weights and jumping in to help out all day long. Brock, Tony, and Cody spent hours on Friday night prepping the equipment

Kate & Sara brought some snacks and waters. And the beer and donut fairies even came by!

I know I’m missing some obvious people who helped – please forgive me – I basically want to thank EVERYBODY!!

It was a great event! Let’s do it 2 more times – Men’s Gauntlet Saturday October 26th and Team Competition November 23rd. Then we’ll take a little break and prep for the 2014 CrossFit Open.

It was a day to remember, thanks for the work.


Thanks to our sponsors:
Titan Manufacturing:
For donating the sled and offering local high quality rigs and other CrossFit gear.

Brand Your Balls: For donating 30 Custom engraved lacross Balls to break up all the damage those 9 workouts put you through.

Progenex: For donating Gift Cards to help fuel the Gauntlet Champions.

Thrive: For donating 1-Hour athlete functional screening and Bowen therapy massage. Judy is awesome!

Level One Apparel: For the awesome Shirt Designs.

Wicked Athletica:





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  1. Thanks, Justin and Jesse for organizing the event. I got several positive comments of what a great competition it was. The feedback I got was that it was challenging and well run.

    Thanks, Joey for putting in time before the competition testing out the equipment and jumping in to help with the judging!

  2. The event was a lot of fun and inspiring! Thanks Joey and Justin for the breaks and to all the athletes for your patience with a newbie judge. You all crushed it!

  3. Thank you ANDY MASSI!!!!!! Your encouragement, honest, feedback, and constructive criticism never fail me. I know many of us couldn’t have gotten through Saturday without you—ESPECIALLY ME!

  4. There wasn’t just one moment it was a combination of several indivual shining moments. What an experience to see the human spirit shine though these beautiful athletes. I see something amazing in each one of these girls; CFRV girls and all the girls from different boxes. I saw that look in their eyes that said, “I’m worth it, this is for me!” It’s not about age it’s not about size it’s about looking at urself and saying, “This is my Moment, I’m proud of myself, I love me!”

  5. Just wanted to echo the gratitude for all the judges and crew who helped to make the event possible! What a fun day!!! One thing, as a first time competitor,I wanted to share that helped me to get through saturday, I would like to call “The Voices”, (now I hope I don’t sound crazy), but it truly it was “the voices” that made all the difference. It was Miguel, when on the rowing machine, “slower, harder pull Jessie”,(no sick comments here;)), it was Andy saying “get underneath the bar” and “you can do 110#”, Riza “get back up on that bar” and Jessica right there the whole time in my ear “you got this.” It was these voices, when my own voice was saying “you don’t have much gas left in the tank” that made me dig deeper than I knew I could. Thank you to “The Voices” that are always at the box encouraging us to dig deep and go farther than we thought we could!!! Wooohoooo!!!

    1. “Luke,, Use the Force”
      Good Job Jesse. It was a pleasure watching you compete through my Nikon. Love the shoes by the way.. 😉

  6. I was so impressed by how organized this event was. Every heat was on time. I know some soccer tourneys that could benefit from this. It was my 2nd comp since joing CFRV about a month ago. I just hope to keep getting better and stronger. Shout out to a gal named Leah from a box in EG. I met her that day and she stood next to me at each station then right by my side as I tried to push the sled at the end. I did the same in return. This just showed me what a community crossfit is. We as women should encourage and lift each other up. In the outside world and in business I have seen this is not always the case. It warmed my heart to get cheers of encouragement from my own box as well as from others from visiting boxes! Cant wait to cheer on the men!!!!!

  7. Jessie You are truly amazing and an inspiration when you got to the step ups with the KB’S you kept going and didn’t even stop once, I really enjoy working out with you and you also always keep me going.

    Thank you.

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