Bring Sally Up

Workout of the day for Monday September 30th, 2013

“Bring Sally UP”
Down when it says down, up when it says up.
Level 4: 135/95lb
Level 3: 95/65lb
Level 2: 65/45lb
Level 1: 45/35lb (or air squats)

20 min AMRAP (for quality):
3 Muscle-Ups (or a progression for muscle-ups)
50 yard Farmers Carry 70/53 lb

Thanks to all of the volunteers and judges that helped to make Saturday a quality event. Thanks to the community at CrossFit Roseville who came to support the athletes and to make our box a friendly atmosphere where anyone can come and hit some PRs with a pat on their back. Thanks to the athletes: the “[Wo]man in the arena” who, by taking up the gauntlet, (many of whom were first time competitors) found new strengths previously unknown to them.

I am proud that we had top finishers in all 4 divisions! That our athletes fell and struggled and having fallen and having run into walls of mental exhaustion, I am proud that our athletes proved their tenacity to got back up, to push on, and to finish.

I would like the rest of you to post to comments today, to tell one story of what inspired you this weekend. To thank one person or many for their efforts in making this event possible. And if you competed this weekend to tell one personal victory. ~Jesse

Thank you CrossFit Roseville!

Thank you to the hard workers that made Saturday’s competition an outstanding success.

Lois spent the whole day checking athletes in, helping them feel welcome. She also saved me hours of work by inputting all the scores for all the athletes into Excel. Joey made the scoresheets. Amy helped prep some of our ladies.

The judges are the real heroes! It is hard work. Joey, Brock, Roman, Blair, Chris, Kathleen, Nate, Jennifer L., and Dan P.

There were many other CFRV’s helping to switch out Rx’d with Scaled weights and jumping in to help out all day long. Brock, Tony, and Cody spent hours on Friday night prepping the equipment

Kate & Sara brought some snacks and waters. And the beer and donut fairies even came by!

I know I’m missing some obvious people who helped – please forgive me – I basically want to thank EVERYBODY!!

It was a great event! Let’s do it 2 more times – Men’s Gauntlet Saturday October 26th and Team Competition November 23rd. Then we’ll take a little break and prep for the 2014 CrossFit Open.

It was a day to remember, thanks for the work.


Thanks to our sponsors:
Titan Manufacturing:
For donating the sled and offering local high quality rigs and other CrossFit gear.

Brand Your Balls: For donating 30 Custom engraved lacross Balls to break up all the damage those 9 workouts put you through.

Progenex: For donating Gift Cards to help fuel the Gauntlet Champions.

Thrive: For donating 1-Hour athlete functional screening and Bowen therapy massage. Judy is awesome!

Level One Apparel: For the awesome Shirt Designs.

Wicked Athletica:





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