Before You Walk In, Set Your Mind

Open Gym Today 2-4 pm. 

Workout of the Day for Tuesday October 22, 2012

15 min to Establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch

Work Capacity
3 Rounds as Fast as Possible:
12 Deadlift (315/225 lbs)
24 Handstand Push-up


Before You Walk In, Set Your Mind

Changes to the schedule (as well as a few other things are coming). If you have requests, email them to me –

9 Ways to Think When Going to CrossFit Roseville

~Justin Arnest

1. Expect something good is going to happen every workout. – Every workout can be a learning experience. You can focus on perfect form, set a PR, or crash and burn. Even if you crash and burn, you can learn from it. No matter how your workout goes, you can learn from it, and learning is always good.

2. Enjoy the process. – Choosing a lifestyle is about following a path. It’s step by step towards the goal. You might not always like what we ask of you and you might not understand why, but trust me, all we do is study human movement and the correct application of functional fitness training protocols to better your GPP (general physical preparedness) and  IWCABTAMD (know what this is? if not ask your coach at your workout).

3. Appreciate the small victories. – 1 rep, 1 lb, 1″ closer to full depth. Don’t dismiss small victories because when you accumulate enough of them they become milestones. Everyday a little better than yesterday. Even great journey’s can start with a small step. No matter how small the step, if it is in the right direction, it’s moving you toward your goals.

4. Embrace challenges. – Challenges are what make us grow and what make us better athletes. If CrossFit was easy it would be  _____. The challenge is what makes the successes so sweet. Rising to the challenge is hard, but the reward is always worth it.

5. Live with a Kaizen spirit. – Kaizen is a Japanese ideal of constant improvement. It’s a lifestyle philosophy of continually improving yourself. Every workout makes you better. Show up consitstenly knowing that you are bettering your life.

6. Practice full range of motion. – Full range functional movement is best for your long term health and fitness. It will strengthen and protect your joints from injury. It will keep you from developing dysfunctional movement. Full ROM will make you a better athlete in the long run.

7. Let proper form dictate when you go heavier. – Don’t go heavier on a lift when your haven’t got perfect from. The potential for injury is present is increased when there is poor form. Before going heavier, make sure your spotter or a coach confirms that your mechanics were perfect.

8. Pay a complement to someone. – When you notice a stellar effort, saying something as simple as, “Nice job on that wod!” can make their success that much sweeter. Pay it forward. You’ll start to notice all the good things being done around you and you will be inspired by it.

9. Give your coaches feedback. – When we do stuff right and when we blow it, we need feedback. So help us get better by telling us what you think. Constructive criticism is desired by all of the CrossFit Roseville coaches so don’t hold back, we can take it, and we want it. Talk with a coach directly when you can, or if you’d rather remain anonymous, you can always email me your feedback

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