August Couples OnRamp

Workout of the day for Wednesday 08/08/12:

8 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Rest 90 seconds

WOD Demo with CrossFit Belltown by Again Faster Equipment– video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

The couples onramp will be starting Tuesday August 14th from 6-7pm! 

This class will be 1 month long on Tuesday/Thursday nights from 6-7pm. This is a great class to learn the fundamental movements of Crossfit. The main goals are to get you ready to join the regular classes and to teach you functional movement so that for the rest of your life you will understand how to be safe and efficient with any physical task life throws your way.

This class is going to be a couples only class. The normal onramp cost is $165 per person. As this is our first couples onramp the class will be $240 per couple. For every additional couple you bring we will reduce the cost by $60.

RSVP to reserve your spot in the class. 916-390-1919

August 17th-30th Nutrition Challenge!

I challenge you to change your life for 2 weeks. This challenge will begin with paleo treats BBQ. (see sign party announcement below). This will be a points based challenge. 60 possible points. If you are already doing a paleo challenge you can jump onto this one as well! There will be a Paleo gym potluck on Thursday, August 30th, from 7-8pm to end the challenge and cheer on our athletes going to the moxie throw down!

Nutrition Points: (28 points possible) (42 negative points possible)
-2: Cheat Item. Includes any item that is not paleo or dairy. Maximum negative points in a day is 3. But don’t cheat.
0: Paleo Meal that includes Dairy.
+2: Day of paleo. Butter and whey protein are acceptable. Cannot have any cheats during the day to earn 2 points.

Workout Points: (14 points Possible) (14 negative points possible)
+1 Workout every day. There will be workouts to do on days you cannot make it to the gym as well as at least 10 minutes of active stretching for recovery days (you can also attend the mobility class as a recovery day).
-1 On days that you do not workout or do active stretching.

Bonus Points: (28 points possible)
+1 for working on your goat every day in addition to your daily workout. (must spend at least 5 minutes on your goat)
+7 for completing the weekly challenges.
August 17th Sign Party & August 18th BBQ at Folsom lake on the 18th!

Friday August 17th there will be a sign party from 7-8pm at the gym to make signs for the athletes going to moxie as well as to promote the paleo treats bake sale on Saturday the 18th at Folsom lake. The Bake Sale will raise funds to help our athletes competing in moxie to pay for travel arrangements and entry fee. Get out your paleo cookbooks! Come on the 17th for the awesome sign party. Come to Folsom lake on the 18th from 12-4pm with your family! There will be a WOD for the kids!

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  1. Oh good, if we weren’t already competing with ourselves enough, now we get to do it more. We’ll make one of those events for sure!

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