Apply your fitness: moving day!

Workout of the day for Thursday 08/23/12:

5 min:
Run 400 m, then  amrap:
21 KB Swing
12 Pullup

2 min rest.

5 min:
Run 400 m, then amrap:
10 push ups
15 air squats

2 min rest.

5 min:
Run 400 m, then amrap:

Let us help send off the Landon’s! We have been fortunate to get to know and work out with Jason & Denise Landon and their beautiful children Kira and Nate. The Landon’s have been a big part of our box and will be greatly missed. Visit us often, we will miss you! Let’s help the Landon’s move Friday & Saturday if you have availability. See Jason’s note below.

Apply your fitness: moving day!

Hello all,

As most of you know, we are moving back down to Orange County in about a week.  It has been a long time coming.  We have missed it down there since we left and are glad to be going back.

We did make some great, lifelong friends in Roseville, though, and we will miss you guys very much.  We will continue to stay in touch and consider many people we met here “lifelong friends”.  We know that many of you will come see us when you’re down going to Disneyland with the families or other trips to the area.

Anyways, here is our itinerary for the move.  If you are around on either day, we could use some help loading our big U-Hauls and would greatly appreciate it!

Let me know.


Leaving Roseville – Saturday, August 25th.  Loading the truck the afternoon of Friday, August 24th and morning of Saturday the 25th.

Arriving in Huntington Beach – Saturday, August 25th.  Unloading the truck Saturday evening (8/25), and Sunday morning (8/26).

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  1. Landon family! We’re really gonna miss you guys! We love you guys!! We’ll come work out with you when we’re in the Huntington Beach area. I’m really gonna miss seeing you guys at the Box. I’ll always remember your first rope climb Denise!! And how you kicked butt everyday Jason! I heard you just got first place in a triathlon without even really riding your bike beforehand…Sounds like Jason Landon!! Swoop in and take first place with ease! (=

  2. Thank you all for the well wishes. By the way, we aren’t loading any trucks this weekend. We got pushed back a week on our new place, but thank you for all the offers to help. See you for another week at the box! Roseville Crossfit is one of the things we will miss the most up here. It is what inspired me to even try my first sprint triathlon last summer (and be able to push through the fatigue – just like a WOD)!

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