Andy Massi is a Game Changer

Workout of the day for Friday 06/14/12

In 15 minutes work up to your max overhead squat

Work Capacity
As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 minutes:
15 Overhead Squat, 95/65 pounds
20 Sit-ups

Say goodbye to your midline. ~J

Andy Massi is a Game Changer
~Justin Arnest

While I’ve been away, I’ve had some great time to reflect on CrossFit Roseville. There have been many coaches and athletes who have helped make us a phenomenal place to train and grow. Not everyone who deserves recognition has gotten enough of it.

One coach who deserves recognition for all he has done for CrossFit Roseville, and continues to do for CrossFit Roseville, is Coach Andy Massi. Even though he is one of those who doesn’t need public recognition, he deserves it.

Andy Massi is a Game Changer

Andy has been a game changer for CrossFit Roseville. He has elevated our game as athletes and coaches and continues to elevate everyone around him.

From the very first workout at our box, his work ethic and internal drive showed. His dedication to learn and understand CrossFit, GPP, and functional fitness led him to study many hours long before attending a Level 1 cert. In no time, he had absorbed the basic tenets of the CrossFit approach to training and his performance sky rocketed.

Once he attended the CrossFit Certification course, and I asked him to coach a few classes, his work ethic continued to shine. He always went the extra mile; showing up early, ready to work, organizing weights, taking out trash, cleaning up after messy members. (Yes, we have some messy members that are sometimes). He has never complained about anything, but he has made some important ‘suggestions’ and observations. Yet, even though he has clearly deserved it, he never asked for or got any special treatment or recognition.

In 2011, Andy helped me coach a group of 20 athletes at Tony’s Fine Foods, a large local food distributor, 2 nights a week. Over the course of about a year, we were the catalysts (also with Dave Pabalate and Laura Cruz) that helped create what is a new frontier in how big businesses provide health and wellness for their employees. We started in the parking lot and now that program has a dedicated CrossFit Coach and 4 nights a week in their own fully outfitted by rogue 6,000 sf private training facility. Andy was a big part of the success of that program.

As a coach at CrossFit Roseville, Andy has been top-notch. Even when he isn’t coaching and he is doing his own workout, he is always there to help a fellow athlete even if it means taking time away from his training. I have gotten many texts and messages from our members praising Andy.Andy Massi is a Game Changer

In case you wondered, he’s been ‘there’. He will push you. Maybe more than you want, but never more than you need. Andy recently received another CrossFit Certification – Olympic Weightlifting. He has developed an eye for movement and a technical coaching ability that has helped us all. He’s quick to share what he has learned and every chance I get to workout with him, I take it! You should, too!!

Andy, thanks for being a Game Changer at CrossFit Roseville. You have influenced us all greatly. You have been an example of consistency week in and week out with everything. With your training, with your coaching, with the way you have invested in all of the members, with the way you have gone the extra mile for our box – every time, and with the way you have shown us how to dig deep on those hard wods (Death by Barbell, Hero’s, Memorial Day).

Keep up the outstanding work. You have elevated your fellow coaches and athletes. I’m looking forward to your ever increasing role at CrossFit Roseville and future endeavors together.

Thank you.


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If you have a memory of when Andy has helped you, why don’t you say thanks to him either in comments or personally next time you see him at the box. He believes in you. He believes you are capable of more than you even know. He has been fighting for you…so recognize the game changer in our midst.

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  1. I have only been at Roseville Crossfit for 8 months, but can say that Andy is a great coach!! Whether he is coaching the class, or working out, he is always encouraging the members!! He always has an answer for all my questions:). For someone who was scared to start, him and all the coaches have been great and very knowledgable!! Thanks!!

  2. I would like to say thank you to you Andy! Thank you for your patience. Thank you for all your help and encouragement! Thank you for pushing us and helping us see and believe what we are capable of!!!!

    p.s. You are one strong dude!!!

    Thanks again Andy!

    Denise A.

  3. I recently contacted Justin about Andy because I wanted to be sure Justin knew what a spectacular coach he has in Andy. His patience, work ethic and dedication are unrivaled.

    I recently had my worst CF workout. I ran into a mental block a few reps into the WOD and Andy picked up on it, yelled at me enough to snap me back into reality and finish the WOD. Afterwords he had words of encouragement and understanding. All this was while he was working out himself. He was not coaching the class and was under no obligation to stop what he was doing to help out.

    I like that he has the ability to work with the more elite athletes lke PJ and Jordan as well as those that are well… less elite like myself.

    Andy kicks ass.


  4. Wow I was just telling Jesse the other day how fabulous I thought Andy was and how I would love to see him teach more classes. I am new to Crossfit and am a bit intimidated by new things and I showed up one night thinking that Jesse was teaching the class and there was Andy. I had yet to go to one of his classes so I was a bit nervous. He was incredibly helpful, encouraging and motivating!
    Thank you!

  5. I love this post!!! Thanks for writing this! You’re right Justin, Andy does not need or crave recognition, but he definitely deserves it! His passion for CF and for helping others to get better, is apparent everyday. He is not only an excellent athlete, but an amazing coach! His calm demeanor, patience, and his ability to verbalize movements in a way that we all can understand shows that he is well rounded, and he puts thought into everything he teaches. I’m so excited about his oly cert too, as he has already helped me immensely with snatches and cleans!!! Thanks for everything Andy!


  6. You nailed it Justin, when you said Andy doesn’t need, or really even like, attention! Andy is so humble, I don’t think he even truly knows what an awesome and inspiring athlete/coach he truly is!! Every time he coaches me, or even just works out next to me, he has little tips that help me to improve as an athlete! Andy is all about tough love and getting us athletes to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable”!! THANK YOU ANDY!!!!

  7. My favorite Andy quote: “The best thing for you Camille, would be to puke.” (= Andy is the best! Even before he became a coach he inspired me to tap into enjoying pain. (= In a good way! And he always is ready and willing to stay extra, interrupt his own workout to help others out. I am a better athlete because of Andy’s investment. He’s taught me not to take the easy way out but to choose the harder way and like it. And, YES! I’m super excited about Andy’s Oly Cert and how much he has helped me on the clean, snatch, & jerk. And its only the beginning! Andy, you really don’t crave the attention of others. You are so humble. But I’m so glad for the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your coaching, because you DESERVE it!

  8. favorite scene in the last few months was the Snatch WOD for the open. Massi, got through, 30x75lbs, then through 30×135, then started chipping away at 30x 165…eyes with laser beam focus, and the steam of a bull (literally steam was being blown out of his nose), he snatched his way to 15 or 16. He is a beast of an athelete and i’m proud to know him.

  9. I also want to ditto the comments made before me, Andy does not need or crave recognition, but he definitely deserves it! I would like to say from a personal level I have known Andy most of his life he and my son where good buddies growing up. Andy spent a lot of nights at my home. He has always taken pride in what he does whether it is fishing, hunting or CF. Andy is a very dertermine young man with a positive attitude and a gift for helping others that I did not know. He has encouraged me countless times with with his quiet , soft demeanor, always there to lend a hand or advise. Even at my age I am inspired and motivated by you. I am proud to know you Andy and even more proud to call you my coach. Keep up the great work and thank you for all you do. People see who you are and they respect you, Integrity is the best thing you can ever have. You have earned it. You deserve all the accolades, you have grown to be a fine, strong young man. Thank you, Rich Martinez

  10. I’m thankful for having Andy by my side as a coach, and most of all a friend. This is only my fourth month doing Crossfit here at Roseville, and without Andy, I wouldn’t be pushing myself as hard. I wouldn’t have the nutritional knowledge that I have gained from his expertise and insight. I wouldn’t have proper form on my lifts. Andy is a bottomless pit of knowledge and without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He makes me want to be a better person. I’m honored to know you and call you a friend. Semper.

  11. I remember the first time I saw Andy. He was so big and tough looking that I was a little intimidated to workout with him. But then he opened his mouth to help me wih some part of my form and I was blown away by his gentle coaching style. Andy you are great to workout with and great to have as a coach. Thanks for all the help and encouragement!

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