Andrew T in Afghanistan

Workout of the Day for Tuesday Feb 12, 2013

This looks like a typical open workout –

Three rounds for time of:
30 Pull-ups
30 Deadlift, 155/105 pounds
30 Box jump, 24/20  inch box

Deborah Cordner Carson 9:40.

Remember Andrew Tillman who used to train here. He’s still training and following our site. He’s in Afghanistan now. For some of us, it is more than a workout.

Nice job, Andrew. See you this summer I hope!


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  1. I’ve heard many of the ladies say to sign up for the Open even if you can’t do X,Y or Z move. So, for this workout, if you are not yet able to do a pull up, what would happen? Do you not get a score for that workout? Are there scaled versions? Just trying to figure it all out.

    1. If you were unable to do a pull-up, you would get a zero on this workout. Chances are that the open workouts will not start with pull-ups or pull-ups might not even show up until later weeks or at all. But it is CrossFit, and you never know….

  2. Thanks for your service, Andrew!!! I hope you’re able to hurry home to your loved ones soon!!

    Oh yay! Pull-ups! I really want to be able to do pull-ups on my own. It’s time I breakup with the band.

  3. I agree with Jesse plus I was one of the destroyed this morning. Why do the ones that don’t look bad on “paper” always end up being the toughest ones!! Good job to the the “un-destroyable” in the 7am group!!

  4. Thank you for your service Andrew! Hope to see you back in the box soon!!!

    Today’s workout was Amazing! I really enjoyed the challenge! Thanks for the encouragement Roman and Sherry!!!! 🙂

  5. So destroyer of the morning class means…? Does that mean morning class people sucked compared to the afternoon? Either I guess I agree, because I was destroyed this morning!

    1. Kenny it sure didn’t look like you were destroyed this morning, you left me way, way behind. Like always your are a machine.

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