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Workout of the Day for Monday 08/06/12:

Strength: Snatch Balance 90% 1-1-1

Work Capacity:
2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Track Triplet
Three rounds for time of:
115 pound Split snatch, alternating legs, 8 reps
7 muscle-ups
Run 400 meters

WOD Demo with Dave LipsonMatt Barnett and Nadia Shatila – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] [youtube]

“Its under sad circumstances that I have arrived to the point of spilling my  thoughts onto a blog.

Over the weekend and again on Wednesday night I watched some athletes Crush 3 deviously simple wods. I partook in the shenanigans on Saturday morning, it was a balmy 70~(it was roughly 120 on wednesday) degrees, sunny clean and crisp. The energy was palpable(thank you everyone who came out and supported/judged) but where was I? I was day dreaming, The workouts were “in my wheelhouse” heavy thrusters and hang cleans, a sled push, wall balls and T2B some other nuances but not many. I couldnt have written a better set of Workouts myslef. So I put on my big boy shoes and socks(thanks Dirkney) 3.2.1 go-first round flew by, then I got no-repped(happens right) and All that I had worked for, everything, the reason for being there, I lost it. I grew mentally weak and turned it off I watched Whilst my Buddy Jordan “Destrominated: I Just paced him and stayed close enough but never closed the gap, never pushed, I gave it my 80%, MAYBE. it is under these atrocious circumstances that I ended up here.

Part of my awakening was watching 2 athletes struggle with their double unders, they wanted them, I mean really effing wanted them. Like a starved dog chasing a steak they wanted to rip them apart. Both of their workouts went the same way and I believe they may have completed the same # of reps. Both of their wods ended with F*ck, They had given their all.

I want that back, I want to get out of my comfort zone and fail, I want IT back. What is it? Where does IT live? IT is accomplishment, IT lives in every single one of us. IT comes out when you do things others say you couldnt/shouldnt/wouldnt do. IT lives under your weaknesses, peaking out from what you suck at mocking you to strap it on and come Fu*&ing get it. IT is the Carrot, but requires getting the stick. It is time to RITFU( a fun acronym)

SO here is my challenge- Im going all in, Diet(who care if it taste like treebark, if it makes me stronger/faster et el im eating it), Training(weaknesses/intensity), Sleep(sufficient and quality), Recovery, Mobility(I have none). Im going to attack my weaknesses(gymnastics/Mental) I have 3 competitions coming up And I had decided that finishing would be sufficient. Nonsense. If you aint first your last, Im a huge underdog here() And Im going to attack as such. Im going to use this blog as a template to track progress, and to give credit where it is due. Im going to beg borrow and steal as much solid Crossfit/ Strength and consitioning / Diet advice as I can possibly find and share it with anyone wiling to listen.”

~A. Massi

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  1. Andy! This is a great blog. Thanks so much for letting us peer inside your head! You are a good writer too! Im all in with you!! Lets get after it guys!! I am focusing on training, really RESTING on rest days, and annihilating negative thinking. Im gonna jump right on top of it and crush it just like that box jump today! Very inspiring Andy!

  2. Love it Andy….and we are IN too! Can’t rememeber where I read this the other day, but it was a good one….”Finished last’ will always be better than ‘Did not finish’, which always trumps ‘Did not start.”

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