A Healthy Thanksgiving

A Healthy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I am going for the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the cranberry sauce, the pumpkin pie… the works.

I might choose to indulge a bit more, or I might choose to err more on the side of moderation, but guess what—it doesn’t matter in the end!

This one day, this one meal, is a small part of the story of our health and fitness.

If we put in the time and effort year round, if we set goals for ourselves, if we make a plan to reach our goals, and work the plan every day, if we build habits of working out consistently, if we put systems in place for our nutrition, if we can learn when/how/and why taking a break can be healthy & better help us to reach our goals long term, then we can choose to take a day off to eat, drink, and be merry.

Special occasions with family and friends provide the perfect time, and place, and reason to indulge. And, taking a day to indulge with friends and family can help us to stay consistent between the special occasions.

But… what if you have multiple parties to attend, what if you want to err more on the side of moderation so you feel good (and are more likely to workout the next day), what if you don’t want your holiday to waylay all of the hard work you have put into improving your health and fitness?

Here are 10 Tips to help you with moderation during Thanksgiving parties:
Written By: Nutrition Coach Jessie Ingram

1. First and foremost…… don’t stress. Just like you can’t lose a ton of weight in 1 day, it’s also really hard to gain a ton of weight in 1 day. Don’t stress over ruining any progress you’ve made. It won’t happen. That being said….. you can still be mindful.

2. Load up on high proteins food (think meatballs (appetizers) and turkey (entree)), and LOTS of veggies (veggie platter (appetizer), and green beans, salad, carrots, etc (entree).

3. Once you finish your plate, wait 20 mins before going back for seconds. Let your brain have a chance to catch up to your stomach!!

4. Drink plenty of water during the day to keep you feeling fuller!!

5. If you’re drinking alcohol, choose lower calorie, lower sugar options (vodka/gin and club soda, Truly’s, red wine is actually pretty low in sugar too depending on what grapes they are made from). Try to drink water in between drinks. Once you hit that “buzzed” level, it’s harder to have self control and make good food choices.

6. Eat a nutritious breakfast!!

7. Wake up Thursday morning and go for a run or do a quick workout to set the tone for the day. Or go for a walk after dinner with family and friends!

8. Try to have conversations away from the appetizer table so you’re not as tempted!

9. Dessert- did someone say “apple pie?” Listen….. have a slice, enjoy and smile! It’s all about MODERATION here people!!

10. While you’re at it, sit back and think about the amazing things in your life you have to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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