A Good Miss

Workout of the day for Saturday November 2, 2013

Thruster 75/55
KB Swing 53/35
Start with and every 2 minutes do 5 Burpees.


A Good Miss


I hope you noticed, that at the box, when I am coaching you, I never say you “failed” a lift. I use the word “miss” instead of ‘fail’.

Why? Because missing lifts, missing pr’s, and missing goals is part of the process of attaining your goals. It isn’t failure, it is a stepping stone to success. You have a target, you shoot for it, you ‘miss’. But that shot you ‘missed’ taught you something or gave you that extra practice you needed so that the next shot will be closer to the target.

Coach Mike Burgener, who teaches the CrossFit Olympic Lifting course, uses the term “good miss”. Why? How could a miss be good? Because, let’s say for example, you are trying to clean your bodyweight for the first time – a 10 lb pr. You aggressively pull that bar up, pull yourself under it, get your shoulders to the bar, and then the weight rolls off your shoulders to the floor. Your coach says you didn’t get your elbows around the bar fast enough to fully receive the bar in the front rack on the shoulders. So on the next process, you do everything right, focus on and successfully get your elbows around and receive the bar solidly on your shoulders, but then you can’t muscle the bar up out of the bottom of the front squat and you have to abort the lift. That is a ‘good miss’ – because the thing you were working on you did – fast elbows. So even though it was a miss, you got a little closer to that bodyweight clean and you fixed the thing you were working on. So it wasn’t that you ‘failed’ to complete the lift; it is actually a ‘success’ because you are one step closer to getting it. Now you need to work those front squats and keep getting closer to your goal!

So in summary – there is no failure. Failure only exists in your mind and only if you let it.

Missing the mark is merely a stepping stone to your success.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you ‘miss’. Give yourself credit for doing the work and embracing the process.

When coaching others, use language focused on what you want them to do, not on what they didn’t do. This is the difference between positive coaching and negative coaching – know the difference and when to use which method.

Believe that each miss is a stepping stone getting you one step closer to your goal. Use missed reps as fuel for your desire fire.

If you aren’t missing any lifts and everything you do is perfectly executed, then you are playing it safe. Push your limits a little bit, take a risk, enjoy the reward.

Risk and increased chances of failure gives us the most opportunity for success and reaching our goals. Take calculated risks.

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