Summer is Coming

Workout of the Day Monday May 6, 2013

5 rounds, as fast as possible:
21 Push-ups
15 Power Snatch, 75/55 pounds
9 Burpees

CrossFit Roseville has been an official CrossFit affiliate for about 4 years now. During that time, 100’s of people have come through the doors of our facility and at least 6 training facilities have been started by athlete’s who once trained at CrossFit Roseville.

The goal of CrossFit Roseville has always been to provide CrossFit workouts in an environment where you are encouraged to become the best you possible through hard physical training. Through patience, believing in you, and being tough when needed, all athletes at CrossFit Roseville have grown, changed, and achieved a higher level of general physical preparedness and health.

The coaches at CrossFit Roseville see your potential (even when you don’t). We are relentless in our pursuit of the next level for ourselves and for you all.

We have an amazing box, an environment where all people learn to think of themselves as athletes training for the sport of life and where everyone learns how to bring a maximal effort and high quality to their work.

At our box, effort is respected more than performance. We value how you did the work more than how much work you did.  We admire your work ethic, integrity, and the way you encourage others more than your rank in the Open. It’s a principle in life, and proven in our box, the more you give, the more you get.

I hope you appreciate the amazing place you are a part of – places like this are few and far between. Don’t be so caught up in the numbers on the whiteboard that you forget to look around and enjoy this cool thing that you are a part of and that you helped build.

We are at the beginning of what is going to be an amazing summer at CrossFit Roseville. The tribe is going to grow and so to ensure the box goes where we want it to go, I am hoping you will send me an email (Justin at Roseville crossfit dot com) answering the following questions:

1. For each coach, what is one thing they do right and what is one thing they could improve on?

2. What is one thing we could start doing to improve the training environment and community of our gym and what is one thing that we need to stop doing because it is damaging the training environment and community of our gym?

3. What one thing do you need now to make you a better athlete? (If you don’t know , tell me that as well.)

We have the foundation and the potential to be on of the greatest boxes in Sacramento and in the Nor Cal region. Your feedback is essential – thank you!

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