Workout of the Day for Thursday December 27. 2012

Complete the following on the minute for 12 minutes:
1 Squat Clean*
5 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

*or Squat Snatch, whatever needs more work.

I saw the below picture and write-up on CrossFit Verve’s website. We have a limited inventory of Vitamin D3 from Pure Pharma available for $15 a bottle.



Vitamin D, Evolution, Cancer – The Link, by Chris Slaughter

Alright so long long ago right, humans evolved, and obvious to us all, we’re not perfect beings.  We have self-destructive tendencies, and parts of our bodies start to fail eventually. Cancer is one of those ugly things which really sucks but has really always been there in human history and even is present in our bodies even though we may not clinically be diagnosed with cancer. An interesting observation has been made strongly linking insufficient amounts of Vitamin D and cancers such as forms of leukemia.

Cells or more specifically genes, have a built in system for regulation called cMYC. This is kind of one of the factors that says “hey it’s cool let’s keep transcoding DNA into RNA and make more cells!” or “no thanks bro we shouldn’t make more of those cells lets chill out”.  A mutated version of cMYC is found within cancerous areas that allows these cancerous cells to continue to reproduce unregulated.

Some Canadian researchers have been looking at what role Vitamin D plays in this regulation, and it turns out according to their research, quite a bit. Normal levels of Vitamin D help to regulate proper functioning of cMYC regulator gene and effectively can significantly help keep cell proliferation (growth) in check and reduce the chance of cancers such as leukemia.

Get your Vitamin D!

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