Holiday Schedule:
Monday December 24 – Open Gym 8-10 AM
Tuesday December 25 – Closed
Wednesday December 26 – Open Gym 8-10 AM
Monday December 31 – Open Gym 8-10 AM
Tuesday January 1 – Closed

Workout of the Day for Saturday Dec 22, 2012
In a Team of 2, Complete For Time:
40 Deadlifts, 275/185 pounds
40 Bar Facing Burpees
40 Push-ups with Hand Release
40 Bar Facing Burpees
40 Chest to bar pull-ups
40 Bar Facing Burpees
40 Box jumps, 24/20 inches
40 Bar Facing Burpees
40 Plate  Overhead Alternating Lunge, 45/25 pound plate


Confessions of a former big food executive. Some highlights below –

…It’s all about profits.

… cheap, packaged food with a long shelf life.

… Big Food has a lot of latitude to convince consumers their faux food is “healthy” and “fun.”

Real, homemade vanilla ice cream contains very simple ingredients like cream, milk, honey, and vanilla. But the most popular store-bought versions cut corners at every turn by using dairy products produced by cows treated with growth hormones and fed an unnatural, grain-based diet. They often replace real sweeteners with high fructose corn syrup or sugar made from GMO sugar beets. To further reduce costs, the amount of cream is reduced and replaced with guar gum and potentially toxic carrageenan. And of course vanilla is rarely REAL vanilla when you buy ice cream at the store.

…Even your savviest consumers get caught buying supposedly more “premium” brands thanks to fancy packaging and convincing advertising.

Food companies…they mess with parents’ minds, convincing them that they can still put high quality foods on the table with a fraction of the effort.

… western diet that’s filled with empty, convenient calories has been linked to obesity and diabetes. Don’t our families deserve more?

In most cases the next step is learning how to cook. The loss of cooking skills over the past 50 years has been dramatic.

One of the easiest ways to introduce the importance of real food is by sharing a book like The Omnivore’s Dilemma or a movie like Food, Inc. 

And never, ever forget—one of your most powerful votes is with your wallet.



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