5 Training Basics

Workout of the Day for Monday August 5, 2013

From the 2013 CrossFit Games

“The Cinco 1” (7 minute cap)*
3 Rounds:
5 Deadlift 80% 1RM**
5 Weighted Pistols left (53/35)
5 Weighted Pistols right (53/35)
Then, Handstand Walk 80ft.

Rest 1 min. Then,

“The Cinco 2” (7 minute cap)***
3 Rounds:
5 Muscle-Up
5 Deficit HSPU
Then, 90ft. OH Walking Lunge 165/100lb

*Your goal is to get through the 3 rounds and be working on your handstand walk (if not totally finished) at the time cap.
**The games athletes weights were M:405 F:265, use approximately 80%  of your 1 rep max
***Your goal is to get through the 3 rounds and be working on your overhead lunges (if not totally finished) at the time cap.

Videos: Men’s Summary of the Cinco’s Couldn’t find women’s summary so watch this instead. Fittest Woman On Earth: Samantha Briggs – [video]

Thank you CrossFit Avalanche for letting 11 of us workout at your box!!!

IMG_4976 IMG_4974

5 Training Basics
~Justin Arnest

1. Cues, Visualize, then Lift. We are always learning how to lift heavy stuff better. A good habit to form before your max lifts is to mentally (or physically) review the cues before your lift, visualize yourself successfully completing the lift with perfect form (this assumes you know what perfect form is [ see #2 below]), and then lift aggressively while your cues and positive visualization are fresh in your mind.

This is about getting your mind right before a lift. Kum Do teaches students to avoid the “Four Poisons of the Mind” — fear, confusion, hesitation, and surprise. Focus yourself, move your body intentionally and with precision, respect the load and lift, and attack the bar with confidence.

2. Know your stuff. Your progress in the gym will be better if you know your stuff. Have a plan ahead of time with what weights you will use on the workout, what your goal time for completion of the workout is, what weights you use with the assigned rep scheme. Kevin G. is a perfect example of this. He always shows up with plan written out for his approach to the daily wod.

Be realistic in your expectations of what you will learn in a group setting. We typically devote about 10 minutes to teach and review lifts and movement patterns, but you won’t become an expert in a 10 minute group training session so book a private skill training session with a coach if you want one on one work or take advantage of the comprehensive training library available in the “Exercised and Demos” on CrossFit.com.

3. Learn from others. CrossFit Roseville has the highest concentration of CrossFit Level 1 certified athletes training at our gym then any other gym around. This means your opportunities for learning are not limited to just your coaches. There are veteran crossfitters and certified athletes standing right next to you that can offer you tips, suggestions, and examples. If you see someone doing a perfect clean, ask them what they concentrate on during that lift. You might learn a valuable insight or cue that makes the difference for you. Ask someone what their strategy is on a met-con and try it out to see if it works for you.

4. Analyze what went wrong. If you miss a lift, or on a met-con you completely blow your wod and your strategy falls apart, take some time to assess what went wrong, figure out what you need to do differently, and make a plan for next time.

5. Stay a student. Learning to move large loads and your body efficiently, learning to care for your body through nutrition and mobility, and learning how to teach others these skills is a life long pursuit. There is always a another level. If you ever think you have arrived or made it to the top of the mountain, or found that one perfect program/website/guru/etc. you growth will stagnate. The best coaches in the world consistently say there are no gurus, magic formulas, or perfect programs. Keep learning,….as an athlete and as a coach, keep learning. As a coach, remember that what works for you may not work for others.

Your success in they gym and your ability to reach your goals, is really just a matter of you being able to honestly look at yourself and assess where you are at. Be realistic about your goals and your time frame. Learn to enjoy the process of learning about what you are capable of accomplishing. Enjoy the journey, it’s not always just about the destination.

PS. I think CrossFit is a metaphor for life.

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