2012 CrossFit Games Champions.

Workout of the day for Tuesday 07/17/12:

Front Squat 80% 5-5-5
Snatch Push Press 75% 5×5

Work Capacity:
10 rounds, each for time of:
15 Push-ups
Sprint 60 yards
Rest 60 seconds

WOD Demo with Benjamin Palmer – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov]

2012 CrossFit Games Champions.

The 2012 CrossFit Games are over having started 6 months prior beginning with the open competition, followed by regionals, and have concluded with an amazing 4 days of competition to decide the Fittest of the Fit.

While the games were filled with may individual victories which will soon be told on games.crossfit.com the most remarkable aspect of the crossfit games is the community. Not once during the 3 days of heat and expensive (albeit high quality paleo food) did I hear a complaint from a spectator. Imagine 10,000+ fans and every one of them friendly and excited and passionate. Imagine being surrounded by a community without negativity.

And it is the same with the athletes.

2012 CrossFit Games Champions.

On the fourth workout of the fourth day of competition we see the top female athletes pushing for one of their rivals to succeed. What other sport has such passion when cheering on their competitors? Or show such concern for the success and improvement of every individual? Inspired by the athletes the spectators carry on this respect, a majority of spectators being athletes at their own boxes. We value the struggle we put ourselves through and enjoy putting our hard work to the test and watching others do the same—to continue to improve, to get stronger.

At the close of the 2012 CrossFit games the Women’s individual winner Annie Thorisdottir was asked how long before she would start training again to which she replied after a day or two of rest.

Post to comments: Which athlete inspired you the most this weekend and why?

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