Training Plan WOD for Monday, November 26th, 2018:

WOD With Class:
40 Min AMRAP x 10 Reps Each:
DB Swing (Overhead)*
DB Lunge
DB Front Rack Squat
Strict Pull-Ups
DB Push Press, Single Arm (5/side)
Strict Hanging Leg Raise (to Parallel)
DB Snatch (5/side)

*Use heavier DBs to work on power/strength; use lighter DBs to work on improving your engine. All DB movements are with two Dumbbells, except the single-arm push press, and snatch.

Aerobic Capacity:
8 x 250m Row + 30 sec. Rest
• Rest 4 Min
4 x 500m Row + 1 Min Rest
• Rest 4 Min
2 x 1000m Row + 2 Min Rest

Weighted Strict Pull-Up:
6 x 3 @ 70% 1RM