Training Plan for Wednesday, December 27th, 2017:

Wod With Class:
10 min, Build:
Power Clean, 1-Rep*

*Build to today’s heavy single, does not have to be a PR. Don’t force it. Move the weight fast. Hit clean Positions.

12 Minute AMRAP:

3 Power Clean*
6 Wallball
6 Power Clean
12 Wallball
9 Power Clean
18 Wallball
12 Power Clean
24 Wallball
15 Power Clean
30 Wallball
18 Power Clean
36 Wallball

*155/105-lb, or 60% 1RM

Push Jerk

Build to a heavy single. 3 Attempts. Work on getting under the bar and catching with fully locked out elbows.

Split Jerk:
7 x 1 @ 60%*, w/5 Sec. Pause in Receiving Position*.

*Stay Light and work on speed & stability in the receiving position.