**No Class Monday, December 25th. 9am Class only Tuesday December 26th.

Alan Morte at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Group Game

Foundation Sequence

Skill: Power Clean

Workout of the Day for Wednesday, December 20th, 2017:

5 Min AMRAP:
5 Muscle-Up
10 Power Clean 155/105-lb

“After Party”
400M Sled Pull 135/95-lb
400M Farmer Carry 53/35-lb
200M Sled Pull 225/155-lb
200M Farmer Carry 70/53-lb

Sweat Sessions Workout for Wednesday, December 20th, 2017:
10 PVC Passthrough
Thoracic KB & Foam Roller
10 PVC Passthrough
Thoracic: Lacrosse Ball Scaps
10 PVC Passthrough

Skill: Clean & Jerk

4 Rounds (20 min cap):
15 Burpee
30 KB Reverse Lunge
15 DB Hang Clean & Jerk