Training Plan for Wednesday, December 13th, 2017:

Wod With Class:
For Time:
2 Mile Weight Vest Run 20/14-lb

7 Rounds (For Quality):
7 Weighted Hip Extension
10 Bulgarian Split Lunge 53/35-lb
7 Weighted GHD

Push Jerk

*Build to a medium/heavy weight for all three sets. Work on getting under the bar, using the weight of the bar to press your torso down quickly. Work on getting low in your overhead squat position.

Split Jerk
7 x 1 @ 60% 1RM,* 5 Sec. Pause in Catch Position.

*Work on perfecting your catch position:
• Front knee over the ankle, front foot slightly turned in.
• Back Knee Low, back foot straight.

Pause in the catch position, improve your footing if necessary, and bounce to feel this position.