Training Plan Wod for Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Wod with the Class:
5 Rounds:
400M Row
3 Bar Muscle-Up

Midline Stability:
4 Rounds:
10 Shovel Deadlift (each side)
10 Side-Plank Reach-Through
10 Strict Toes-2-Bar

For Time (3 min cap)
50/40 Cal Assault Bike
30 C2B

OHS, Strict Press, Weighted Pull-Up, Sumo Deadlift:
1 x 10*

*Go really light and just enjoy ten reps. It can be as light as 40% of max. Just use the movement to unwind after the previous day’s heavy attempts.

8 Rounds:
25yd. Sled Push (Heavy)
2 x 25 ft. Handstand Walk