Training Plan Wod for Monday, August 28th, 2017:

Wod With Class:
Clean & Jerk 75% 1RM

Complete 3 Rounds in 4 Minutes of:
15 Thruster 95/65-lb*
15 Chest-2-Bar*
—Then Repeat 3 more rounds in an additional 4 minutes.

*Scale the reps down so you can complete 6 rounds in 8 minutes. Example: Start out with 10 thruster and 10 C2B each round. If you complete all 6 rounds of 10 & 10 in 8 minutes this week, add a few reps to each movement and re-test next week.

Midline Stability:
5 x 8 Good Morning 45-50% 1RM Backsquat

Gymnastics Conditioning:
5 Rounds:
1 L-Rope Climb (begin from seated position)
3 Ball-Ups tempo: 71×1

Front Squat, Weighted Dip, Sumo Deadlift, Weighted Pull-Up:
2 x 5*

*For each of the lifts, choose a beginning weight between 60-75% 1RM. We are going to be hitting these lifts every day, so don’t get too hung up on weights and percentages. Remember the goals of this program: Train as Heavy as Possible, Train as Often as possible, Train as Fresh as possible.