Training Plan Wod for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017:

Wod with Class:
15 min EMOM, alt*:
Cal Row, or Bike

*Pick a number for each movement that is doable, but that scares you! Take a risk today. If you hit failure on one of the movements you can learn from the experience.

High Hang Clean
3 x 2 @ 80%
*2.5-5 kg increase each week

Backsquat, Strict Press, Deadlift, Weighted Pull-Up
6 x 1*

*You’ll do six singles, adding weight each rep. It can be 5 pounds or 50, depending on how each single feels. It’s not a max effort on the last set; it’s just the sixth single. If the loads feel heavy, just add five pounds. If the bar is flying, add more.

10 min AMRAP:
50m Sled Push 180/120-lb
10 G.H.R.
50 ft. Handstand Walk

Rest 5 min, then:

10 min AMRAP:
25m Sled Push 360/240-lb
1 Pegboard Ascent
25 ft. Handstand Walk