**No 7:30 pm Open gym tonight.

Janet Freeman at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

4 Rounds:
10 Cal Row
10 Knee-to-Elbow
4 Split Jerk Left Leg forward
4 Split Jerk Right Leg Forward

2 Rounds:
6 Trap-3 Raise w/6 sec pause
6 Face Pulls

Banded Bent Leg Hamstring Pulses (2 min/side)

Skill: Toes-2-Bar Technique

Workout of the Day for Thursday, August 10th, 2017:
30 min EMOM*:
2 Split Jerk @ 80% 1RM
Cal Bike, or Row

*For the Toes-2-Bar & Cal Bike (or Cal Row) Choose a number that you can maintain for all 10 rounds. If you are not sure what to shoot for, use the first round to establish a baseline: work at 80% perceived effort for 40 seconds.