CrossFit Roseville Rope Climb Spartan Training

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
3 Inch-Worm-Up-Dawg
6 Sampson Stretch
12 Lateral Lunge
90 Second Standing Straddle

2 Rounds:
10 Hanging Scap. Raises
10 Scap Push-Up
10 Chest-2-Bar
10 Ring Dips, full turn-out

Overhead Archetype:
Lacrosse Ball Pec Smash (2 min./side)

Skill: Ring Muscle-Up

Workout of the Day for Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017:
5 Rounds x Every 4 minutes:
400M Run
With Remaining Time: Muscle-Ups*

*Record the reps completed each round. Try to stay consistent each round, don’t go too big on round one and die off.

Ring Muscle-Up Progressions:
1: 3 C2B + 3 Dips = 1 Muscle-Up
2: Banded Ring Muscle-Up Pulldowns
3: Banded Strict Muscle-Up

“After Party”
5 Rounds (10 min EMOM, alt):

*three weeks to go! Increase the HSPU reps by 1 and L-sit by 3 seconds, try to maintain for all 5 rounds.