**Ladies Wod & Wine Night this Friday at 7:30pm!
**Handstand Gymnastic Seminar with Coach Stacey: January 28th @ 10:00am

Photos By April Mallery at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

3 Rounds (10 min cap):
50 Dubz
10 Dips
5 Strict False Grip Ring Pull-Ups
1 Max Handstand Shoulder Taps

Muscle-Up Progression Work

Workout of the day for Thursday, January 19th, 2017:
10 Rounds (20 min cap):
200m Run, or 250m Row, or 20 Cal Bike
3 Muscle-Up, or 1-Peg Board Ascent**
4 Deficit HSPU, or DB Push Press

*Wear a Weight Vest to Up-Scale

**Muscle-Up Progression Options:
1) 6 C2B & 6 Dips
2) Strict, False Grip Chest-2-Rings
3) Technique Work

“After Party”
2 Min: Twisted Lizard (each side)
Single leg Calve Stretch, 3 Rounds:
90 second: neutral (both sides)
90 second: Externally Rotated (both sides)
90 second: Internally Rotated (both sides)