Coach Gary Dimitt at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

8 min AMRAP:
Calorie Row, or Bike
Russian KB Swing

Group Hip Opener
Foundation Sequence

Test Hip External Rotation
5 Min Mobility: Hip External Rotation or Hip Hinge Archetype

Workout of the day for Wednesday, December 7th, 2016:
10 Minutes:
Build to a heavy-ish 2-Rep Deadlift (Does not have to be touch-n-go!)

10 Minute AMRAP:
5 Deadlift @ 55% 1RM
10 Burpee Over the Burpee

Sweat Session Workout for Wednesday, December 7th, 2016:
3 Rounds, 2 Minutes Each Station:
• Pull-Up
• Kettle Bell Swing
• MedBall Cleans
• DB Clean & Jerk
• Rest