Brandon & Brittiany S.

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

1 Mile Run

12 min AMRAP:
200M run
5 Single Arm DB Strict Press, 5 Sec. Eccentric (each arm)
30 Seconds: Handstand Rocks
15 PVC Passthrough
1 “Ball-Up

Overhead Archetype: Thoracic

Workout of the Day for Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016:
15 Rounds*:
30 sec Handstand Push-Up**
30 sec Rest
30 sec Cal Row or Bike
30 sec Rest

*Tabatta Scoring, Don’t Burn Out But Don’t Dog it!
**For HSPU Choose your own adventure for Scaling:
1) Dumbbell Strict Press, Heavy!
2) Bench HSPU on Paralettes
3) Push-Ups (use a bar if needed, keep hollow body!)

“After Party”
7 Rounds:
2 Ball-Up with 5 Sec. Eccentric
20 GHD Sit-Up