**Normal Schedule today! Best Costume for every class gets a Fit-Aid & a Perfect Foods Bar! Photo must be uploaded to CFRV Facebook page to win!!!

Halloween Wod at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Founder Sequence

12 min AMRAP:
7 KB Swing SDHP
3 x 7-Second Eccentric Pull-Up
7 Push Jerk 45/35-lb

3 Rounds:
6 Front Squat Tempo: 53X1, Add Weight Each Round
12 Ankle Circles w/KB

Workout of the day for Monday, October 31st, 2016:
10 Rounds:
7 SDHP (95/65#)
7 Front Squats
7 Push Jerks

Sweat Sessions Workout for Monday, October 31st, 2016:
Skill: Hollow-Body Push-Up

28 minute AMRAP (For Quality):
7 Strict Press
14 Side-Butt WallBalls
MAX Plank*
7 Push-Up
14 Box Step-Up w/KB
MAX Plank*

*Alt. Between:
Side Plank, Elbow Plank, Push-Up Plank, 8-point Plank, Hollow Body