Throwback Thursday at CrossFit Roseville

Wrist Warm-Up

4 Rounds (15 min cap):
10/12 Cal Row, Or Bike
Max Set Handstand Shoulder Taps, or Wall Walks
1 Strict T2B + 14 Flutter Kicks at 90 degrees

Overhead Archetype: Partner Pec Smash
Banded Pec Stretch

Workout of the day for Thursday, October 27th, 2016:

5 Rounds, 1 Minute On & 30 Sec. off at each station:
Handstand Walk*
Hollow Body Rock
Peg Board Assent, Or Strict Pull-Ups**

*Good Scaling Options for Handstand Walks:
Build Strength: Wall Walks
Shift from arm to arm: Shoulder-Taps
Develop Balance: Chest-2-Wall Balance

**Good options for getting strict pull-ups:
Easier: 7 Second Eccentric Pull-Ups
Harder: Max Isometric Hold + 7 Second Eccentric Pull-Up
Constantly-Varied: Ring Rows, supinated as possible!