Dynamic Warm-Up at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

4 Rounds (15 min cap):
10/12 Cal Row
Max Set of Chest-2-Bar
6 Front Squat 45/35-lb, tempo: 35X1
1 round: Side-Butt

Group Hip Opener
Founder Sequence

Workout of the day for Monday, October 24th, 2016:
10 min:
Build to a Heavy Front Squat

3 Rounds:
20 Calories Row, Assault Bike, or 200M Run
10 Front Squats 60% 1RM (From the floor)

“After Party”
5 Rounds:
10 GHR (Glute Ham Raise)
5 Shovel Deadlift (each side)

Sweat Sessions Workout for Monday, October 24th, 2016:
Skill: Double-Under Progressions

4 Rounds, each round is a 6 minute AMRAP with 3 minutes rest between rounds.
10 Cal Row
15 DB Thruster
10 Ring Row (or strict Pull-Up)
15 Burpee
10 Box Jump
15 WallBall
75 Dubz

*Begin Where you left off, use chips to track how many total rounds you accumulate!