Garnett at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up
Wrist Warm-Up

3 Rounds:
200M Run
Max Shoulder Taps
1 Strict Toes-2-Bar + 24 Flutter Kicks

Overhead Archetype: Partner Pec Smash

Workout of the day for Thursday, October 3rd, 2016:
(For Quality)
15 Clean & Jerk @ 45%

For time:
400M Run
12 Clean & Jerk @ 55%*
400M Run
9 Clean & Jerk
400M Run
6 Clean & Jerk
400M Run
3 Clean & Jerk

*Try to use a weight you can do each set unbroken with, and with good positions. Even if you get a bit of a slower overall time and use the runs more for recovery, try to fight for all sets consecutive reps. If you are newer to the clean & Jerk, focus on good positions, drop as necessary, and push hard on the running!