Dynamic Group Warm-Up

5 min AMRAP:
Russian KB Swing

Group Hip Opener
Founder Sequence

3 Rounds:
• 5 Deadlift with 6 sec. eccentric @ 30-40% 1RM
• 1 Round: Side-Butt

Workout of the day for Wednesday, October 2nd, 2016:
Skill (as a class), build each set:
3×4 Tall Clean
3×3 High-Hang Clean, 1-Inch Dip, Focus on finishing the drive, then aggressive 3rd Pull
3×2 Hang Clean, pull from mid-thigh
3×1 Hang Clean, pull from 1-inch Above the Knee

“After Party”
GHD* Sit-Up
Russian KB Swing
200M Run

*Scale the GHD, ask a coach!

Sweat Sessions Workout for Wednesday, October 2nd, 2016:
32 minute EMOM, alt. between*:
Russian KB Swing
Calorie Row, or Bike
Dumbbell Lunges

*Use the 1st round to establish a baseline: work for 40 seconds at 80% max effort. Use the number you get on this round and try to maintain it for all 8 rounds!