**Hit the Mat at 9:00am with CorePower Yoga!

Nicole Berger Chase at CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

3 Rounds (15 min cap):
200M Run
Max Set of Strict Pull-Up
5 Sots Press
10 Hanging Scap Raises
15 PVC Passthrough

5 min: Split Leg Hamstring Pulses

Workout of the day for Monday, September 19th 2016:
Run 800M
40 Burpee Box Jump Over

Rest 5 min, then:

3 Rounds:
3 Legless Rope Climb
6 Hang Power Cleans @ 65% 1RM
9 Burpee

“After Party”
Weighted C2B Cycle
7×5 @ 75%

Sweat Session Workout for Monday, September 19th 2016:
28 minute AMRAP (For Quality):
7 DB Strict Press
14 Side-Butt WallBalls
MAX Plank*
7 Push-Up
14 Box Jump
MAX Plank*

*Alt. Between:
Side Plank, Elbow Plank, Push-Up Plank, 8-point Plank