Britt 2016 Ragnar Tahoe, CrossFit Roseville Team

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

Wrist Warm-Up
10 Hanging Scap Raises
8 yards each:
• Bear Crawl
• Bear Crawl Hops
• Bear Crawl Kick-Ups
10 Hanging Scap Raises
1 min: Shoulder Taps
5 min: Partner Handstand Practice

Review Row Positions

Workout of the day for Wednesday, July 27th, 2016:
1000M row (or 1000M Run)
2 Muscle-Ups (or 4 Chest-2-Bar)
800M row
4 Muscle-Ups
600M Row
6 Muscle-Ups
400M Row
8 Muscle-ups
200M Row
10 Muscle-ups

Sweat Session Workout for Wednesday, July 27th, 2016:
14 min AMRAP:
50M Row easy
100M Row Sprint
150M Row recovery
*Rest your row time

14 min AMRAP:
14 Double KB Box Step-Up
14 Dumbbell Strict Press
14 Side-Plank Reach Through (7 each side)