Nick Spomer CrossFit Roseville

Dynamic Group Warm-Up

7 Rounds, 20 sec. at each station for max reps:
Dumbbell Thruster
Chest-2-Bar Pull-Ups

5 minutes to Work on Overhead Archetype*

*Choose one or more of the following:
Overhead Archetype: Thoracic (Peanut, Single LacrossBall Scaps, Crossover Symmetry)
Overhead Archetype: Lateral (Side-Roll, Tricep Smash, Banded Overhead Distraction)
Overhead Archetype: Anterior (Pec Smash, Ant. Delt Smash, Banded Pec Distraction)

Workout of the day for Tuesday, June 21st, 2016:

Build to a heavy set of*:

4 strict press
3 push press
2 Push jerks
1 Split Jerk

*All 10 Reps are to be completed as one complex, without re-racking the bar.

“After Party”
3-5 Rounds:
250M Row Moderate
250M Row Fast
250M Row Recovery
Max Freestanding Handstand Hold