Jeremy Mark and Chris at CrossFit Roseville

12 minute AMRAP*:
400M Run
Max Set of Strict Pull-Up
5 Sotts Press
15 PVC Passthrough

*If you get to class early start on this pre-wod and use the extra time to work on any mobility that will help you to have a better Sotts Press.

Workout of the day for Monday, May 15th, 2016:

12 min: Build to a heavy Strict Pull-Up

9 Rounds:
5 Clean & Jerk @ 50% 1RM
12 GHD Sit-Up*

*For GHD Sit-Ups:

Set-up on the GHD is crucial. Ensure your butt is slightly off the rounded pad, your feet are anchored, and there is a slight bend in your knees while you’re sitting tall.

If you are new to the GHD sit-up or even warming up, start by only lowering yourself to parallel and keep your hands crossed and on your shoulders.

Throughout the movement keep your butt squeezed tight and your core engaged anchoring your rib cage down. These two actions help protect the low back from hyperextension and some serious damage. If you have a history of back pain or injury limit the range of motion to one that is pain-free and more controlled.

Use an aggressive downward locking motion of the knees to initiate the motion to come up from the GHD Sit-up. This ensures more quad hip flexor involvement and saves the deep hip flexors and potential back pain.

As you progress to larger ranges of motion in the GHD Sit-up, reach for the ground with one or both hands and touch the support post at the top of the sit-up. You could even add resistance like a medicine ball.

“After Party”
7 minutes:
Max Strict Pull-Ups